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Know Before You Go:

Appropriate footwear is required – a low heeled slippery bottom boot is preferred. Running shoes are fine – for your safety, absolutely no open toed shoes of any kind are permitted on or around the horses.


Seasonal clothing is recommended ( i.e.: rain jackets, gloves, sweaters, etc.) – dress according to the weather and bring extra layers. Shorts are not recommended. Jeans are preferred.

Helmets are mandatory - You may bring your own helmet, if not, one will be provided for you.

Please do not feed our horses treats at any time without permission!

You will be expected to treat our equine partners with kindness and respect. Failure to do so may result in a long hike back on foot...

We ask that you do not bring your pets with you nor leave them in the vehicle.


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Upon Arrival - Date of Your Ride:

• Please arrive 15 minutes early to assure a punctual start time. 

• You will be required to read and sign our acknowledgement of risk and release of liability form. Please read carefully as your legal rights will be affected. 

• One of our team members will introduce you to your horse and get you fitted for a helmet.

• Your guide will then instruct you on where to wait until your party is ready. Please do not mount or dismount without assistance from one of our staff members.

• Once everyone is comfortable and ready to go, we will assist you with mounting one-by-one in a secured, safe pen. There will be a brief 10 minute instruction on basic horse handling and safety tips, then off to the trails we go to ease our worries and soothe our souls!

Livin' The Dream

Consider Bringing:
• A camera to capture what we are sure will be a memorable experience.

• A snack and non alcohol drink (no glass or carbonated beverages are permitted)

Extra layers - i.e. sweater, gloves, jacket   

• Backpacks and purses are not permitted unless they can be secured under your jacket (the straps are a potential hazard)  

• Saddlebags will be available with limited space, please pack light.

Safety Tips:
• Be sure that your horse does not crowd the horse in front of him. Allow at least one horse length between all horses (gently pull back on the reins to slow your horse down)
• Ensure that the horses are ‘nose-to-tail’ in a single file line at all times, unless otherwise instructed by your guide
• We will ride at the comfort and skill level of the least confident rider
• Do not mount or dismount without the assistance of a guide

  • How do we pay?
    Etransfer or cash. A minimum of 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking. The remainder to be paid upon arrival.
  • Can we bring our dogs?
  • Can we bring food or drinks?
    Yes, food and uncarbonated drinks are ok. Glass containers are not permitted. We do have a ZERO tolerance policy on alcohol and drugs.
  • Is there anyone with First Aid?
    Yes - we have a retired paramedic a Level 3 First Aid Attendant, and numerous Level 1 First Aid Guides
  • Is there a weight restriction?
    230lbs is the maximum body weight that our horses can carry. Please be honest for the safety of everyone.
  • Will we be trotting, galloping or jumping on the horses?
    If everyone in your party is experienced and comfortable and the conditions are appropriate, we may do a few small gallops or trots. No jumping is permitted.
  • Is there wildlife where we ride? How will the horses react?
    There are often wildlife sightings. The horses rarely react and are comfortable with the wildlife in the area.
  • Will there be more than one guide on the ride with us?
    This will depend on the experience level and number of riders.
  • Can we take the horses out alone?
  • Can we bring our kids?
    Yes kids are welcome. There is no minimum age for pony rides or lessons however, children with minimal confidence or experience need to be ten years old. There are some exceptions, please inquire upon booking if you would like more information on this.
  • Can we change or cancel the ride without penalty?
    We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel and we we are able to fill your reserved seats we will refund your deposit.
  • What happens if it is rainy or windy on the day of our scheduled ride?
    If there seems to be light showers, the ride will go on (please dress appropriately). Full rain and or windy conditions will result in a cancelled ride with an option to reschedule. If no dates are suitable, the ride will be cancelled with a full refund.
  • Do we ride on the road?
    Only to the end of our cul-de-sec, about 300 yards.
  • How many horses do you have and what kind?
    13 horses - All geldings (males), mainly quarter horses, an exceptional Mustang a mini-horse and a donkey
  • Do you do parties?
    We do some custom parties (birthday, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette – please enquire directly with us if your group is larger than 4)
  • What type of riding do you offer?
    Strictly western riding
  • Does anyone ever get hurt? Do the horses get hurt?
    Rarely but it is a possibility. Safety is our main priority. We do our absolute best to ensure the horses and riders are safe at all times.
  • Can we smoke/vape on the ride?
    There can be designated smoking stops if needed, please let your guide know and we can accommodate.
  • What happens if we want to go home early?
    Typically that is not recommended unless your entire party agrees. You will be charged in full without a refund.
  • What happens if someone gets injured? How do we get home?
    No matter where we ride, we have quad and vehicle access as well as walkie-talkie and/or cell phone service. As mentioned previously, safety is our number one priority so we will do our best to make sure each rider is looked after appropriately at all times.
  • Are there restrooms at The Hitch N Post?
    At this time we do not. There is a gas station just around the corner that has restrooms.
  • Do you ride all year long?
    Yes we do!
  • What is an FAQ section?
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